Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Sunday!
I've been trying all weekend to get the scrapping mojo flowing...and boy, it was just one thing after another. Yesterday morning, I woke up and felt just horrible - so, I laid on the couch for a couple of hours and then I finally fell back asleep - and didn't get up until after noon. There went that whole morning. But, at least I was feeling better. Then that evening, the Mann had to work, so I was planning on scrapping that whole evening. Well, then the AC decided to act up again. So, it quickly grew hot and humid in the house again ...*sigh*...always something. My brother came over that evening, because I realized that while the inside unit was kicking on and blowing air (albeit hot air out of the vents), the outside unit was not kicking on. So, he looked at some stuff [and we saw a HUGE black widow spider in the outside AC unit...YUCK!], and everything looked to be in working order out there. He called my dad and his father-in-law, and picked their brains....everything that everyone suggested to look at, checked out. So, I was looking at having to have the AC guy come back out..AGAIN! Just to come out and diagnose the problem, it was going to cost me $84.00!!!!! I was like, he was just out here not even 2 weeks ago, and one of his guys fixed the problem - and now we are having problems again. So, we were sitting there and David (my brother) says, well, let's check the breakers just to make sure...sure enough, it had flipped the breaker for that outside unit. We flipped it back on and waaa-laa!! Cold air blowing out of those vents. David suspects that the guy did some shoddy work when he replaced the burnt up wires last week [he said he could see where he spliced it] and it appeared that instead of having it's own power source, he put onto the power supply for the compressor. So, I'm calling those guys up in the morning and they are going to come out here on their own time, because I'm not paying $84.00 for a job that you did not do correctly. It is now flipping the breaker every 2 has not ever done this in the past 4.5 years we have lived, anyway - I finally did get some scrapping done this evening! This layout is a lift of Vee's layout "PeaceKeeper" which can be found here : .

This is a layout of my nephew, Kaleb.

The goldish looking stuff of to the left hand side is actually yellow glimmer mist. But because it is pouring outside right now, I am having to take pictures inside...hence the insane amount of Both of these layouts were done with the September Studio Calico kit.

Well, I can't believe another week is starting up! Happy Monday!


Beth Perry said...

yowsa! amazing layouts!
And I am wanting to go back to paducah soon and hit some more antique shops, if I do...I will let you know and get you some milkcaps. They were overflowing there. lol

Anonymous said...

Those are so lovely layouts lady!!!

Marie said...

Lovin your pages! I must tell you mine did that out of the blue for like a summer and it stopped all of the sudden and doesnt do it anymore very very weird.