Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Love all these colors!! I am so addicted to these little paint dabbers...they are the best!
And I'm currently wishing I had some polaroid film. We draw names every year at Christmas within our family - polaroid film is on my wish list :-)

And all of these sneaks are for the October Let's Capture Our Memories Kit! It's been alot of fun to work with!!

Hope you have had a good week so far! Tomorrow is Hump Day!!!! Oh, and if you are a Dancing with the Stars fan...who are you hoping wins this season???! I have a couple of favorites!!


K13 said...

Oh - I haven't seen those dabbers...I need to see a LO where you've used them. I like the spray inks, but do not own a single one (yet).

Beth Perry said...

Ok, so what all do you do with those paint daubers?
I have one...but, don't really know all the fun stuff you can do with them.
Love the sneaks!!!

Michelle said...

I heard that anthropolgie is going to start carrying polaroid film but I think that hasn't happened just yet. Hope you get some! I still have a pack around but I'm saving it for something uber special. I just don't know what that is yet. Love the sneaks.

Anonymous said...

give a tutorial on paint daubers!! And then step by step on ttv...then photoshop!!
I need the at cookie recipe and also fyi, B and H photo
on the net has polaroid film, it's where I get mine. But yes, soon Urban Outfitters will carry Polaroid stuff, too.