Friday, April 23, 2010

Week in the Life - 4.23.2010

- took my camera with me to work today
- got to sleep in until 8:00 AM - that was really nice
- the Accounting Manager bought pizza for everyone at the front desk today
- beat the bad thunderstorms home by about 15 minutes!
- saw a wedding at the condo today. orange must be the color this year for
weddings. the bride was wearing a fabulous pair of orange shoes &
she had beautiful bouquets of orange roses
- was greeted very vocally at the front door by Lucy when I got home. she "talks"
for about the first ten minutes I'm home :-)
- feeling very tired today. but thankful for a home to come home to
- very thankful, I only have to work a half day tomorrow!


Jocelyn said...

Great post!!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!! :-)

Beth said...

love the photos, sweetie!