Monday, April 26, 2010

Week in the Life - 4.25.2010

- Work was VERY long & boring. Sundays are SO quiet compared to the rest of the week.
- Got home and found Troy had beat me home
- Troy had his last day of work at McDonalds :-)
- Wandered around Target for an hour in the evening
- Beautiful arrangement of flowers at the front desk when I came in that AM. There were from the wedding at the condo on Saturday evening.
- Mom sent over some leftover food from Sunday dinner at her house. Both of us missed it again because of work. Love her roast beef dinner - it brings back lots of memories for me every time I eat that meal :-) Thanks, Mom.
- Found evidence that the armadillo has now moved to the front yard & is digging holes up there. SO not thrilled with that development.
- Troy bought the 6th season of NCIS at Target. Finally found it for a decent price.


Michelle said...

Have you tried sprinkling cayanne pepper, or chrushed chilli peppers around.....maybe that would deter the armidillo

Melissa Mann said...

@Michelle: I haven't tried that...good idea though!

Danielle said...

hey, it's been awhile and we're both doing the AE's week project. Love your pictures!!!