Sunday, July 24, 2011

Week in the Life - Saturday, July 23, 2011

I am super excited to be participating in the "Week in the Life" project again hosted by Ali Edwards. This is my third year in a row playing along and it is usually one of my most loved projects when going back and looking through it.  I will be honest:  it is a lot of work. A lot of remembering to pick up the camera. A lot of jotting down memories/schedules/etc. A lot of collecting paraphernalia through out the week - BUT in the end, it is totally worth it. This week is especially significant for me because it is also the very last week in my 20's. A very bitter sweet moment, if I do say so myself. I have been very emotional about this birthday for so many reasons. Some I will share here and some I will not. I've really been having a rough time the past week and a half or so and have been struggling with so many thoughts that I have been feeling extremely overwhelmed. I know that I will look back at this time and laugh at my silliness, but right now, in this moment, it is far from silly. So, welcome to my week & welcome to the last week in my 20's :-)

 *Living Room* - I love how Sammers is peeking her head around at me. She usually despises the camera :-)

 *Driving down 8 Mile Creek Road* - a road that we drive VERY frequently

 *Fuel* - documenting the price of gas at this time

 *Hot Hubs* - hehe ;-)

 *Breakfast date at Denny's* 

 *He drinks coffee & I drink water*

 *Best steak breakfast burrito & best hashbrowns*

 *Publix* - love shopping here

 *Lunch* - baked french fries

 *Sunny/Cloudy Afternoon* - you can just barely make out Sammy with her frisbee

 *Dinner Prep*

 *Stuffed Shells* 
*Night Time Rituals*

If you are also documenting your week, let me know so I can check out the daily moments in your life :-)


Monique said...

Wow! and I was complaining that our gas prices where high at 1.28$!! but ours is in litres!

Susan said...

Nice job! In 2010 I took a photo every day with the intention of doing weekly layouts to document a year in my life. Here we are more than halfway through 2011 and I've only finished up to Week 10! I know how much work it is to stay committed to a project like this, so kudos to you! :-)

Tracy said...

I will be starting my first Week in the Life tomorrow morning. I am nervous but super excited too. I am glad you started a bit early so that I can follow along for inspiration, ideas and encouragement. I am not sure if I will be posting all my photos daily this week, but I will be posting my entire completed album next week as I work on it.

I also wanted to tell you that having anxiety about leaving the 20s is normal, or at least I hope it is, because I can clearly remember that being the most emotional birthday for me, not after, but leading up to it. For weeks I was a basket case. I would never tell anyone that their thoughts or worries are silly, but when I look back on my concerns 8 years later...most of them were (but some of them I just learned to deal with). However, they certainly didn't seem silly to me at the time. I love my 30s...every single year, they truely have been the best of my life.

Hang in there and have faith in who you want to be, and you will be fine.

Thanks for the constant creative inspiration!

Jennifer said...

Terrific photos that will be cherished. It really is what scrapping is all about! Good luck with the project! Happy Birthday for next week. I dreaded turning 40 but it was okay once I got there. Hope it is the same for you with 30. These feelings are never silly. :)

Ria said...

Love your angle when taking pictures! Great photos! :))