Tuesday, September 27, 2011


At the beginning of September, the hubs and I took an almost week's vacation from work. I had signed up to go to the CKC Jacksonville event and we decided to go ahead and take a nice break from the work routine. The following pictures are just a few I took while we were in Jacksonville and the ones of the sunset and boats are ones I took once we got back home - they were taken down in Perdido Key, FL (where I work). We stayed in a hotel right next to the St.John's River and our room overlooked it (we got a free upgrade!) - the view was so gorgeous! They had a wonderful roof top swimming pool that I never did get a chance to actually get into!

I've been meaning to get these uploaded onto the blog for a while and am just now getting around to it. I didn't get any pictures of the scrapbook convention. I was actually pretty disappointed in the convention. I really enjoyed my classes I took, but the Vendor Faire was sorely lacking. I only bought two stamps at the Technique Tuesday booth!  That's it! I was really shocked at how little there was at the booths.....

The vacation from work was super nice though!  It was much needed for both of us. The crazy summer at the condo with all the tourists/vacationers had definitely worn me out and the hubs was definitely due for a break from all of the drama in his work life. It was so very hard to go back that Wednesday morning!