Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy day before Easter!

Today was good.

Today was fun.

Tomorrow is another one.

....that quote by Dr. Seuss describes my day perfectly! Even tho, I did have to go to work for the first 6 hours of my day. After I got home, the hubs and I went out and did some looking around at a local antique mall/thrift store. I scored a couple of fun things....see the pictures below! I just love that old coke crate! Perfect for all the little scrappy things.....and I've been wanting some old comics for a while of course, scrap with! And I found a whole pile of those for $4.00! Fun times ahead! And......look at what I found online today....this does mean, of course, that I am going to have to break my vow of never shopping at Hobby Lobby again - but I believe this is a good exception for that Lookee HERE at the new Love, Elsie stuffs!!! Soooo cute and with the cutest ever names!

OH! And my layout I did with the newest Scarlet Lime kit was featured in their newsletter this week! That totally made my day! You can check that out HERE.

What else....hmmm. Oh, the newest challenge is up at ScrapMojo! Here is my layout for this challenge honoring the great Dr. Seuss again!

I'm thinkin' that is it for now....have a great night before Easter!


micayla said...

Love the mojo layout, so fun!
That coke crate is fab, I love how you have used it.
Happy Easter

Michelle said...

Congrats on being in the newsletter! That antique drawer is cute. Sorry you had to work. :( Hope your easter was great!

Marie said...

Ohhhh cool!!!!! Im glad you had a good day! Love everything the page is super awesome!

Cookie Sunshine said...

You have one of my favorite quotes of all time on your banner. Seusse was genius!

I'm delighted to have stopped by your blog. I love all of the color and information. Looking at all of your supplies makes me wish that I had a bit more time right now to make something! But it's hair appointment time and I'm just visiting a bit before I leave the house.

I see that you are in P'Cola. I'm originally from Mobile but live in Ann Arbor now. My Mother and I used to trek over to Cordova for the day and shop. Oh, and Molly McGuire's that the right name...the place with the dollars hanging from the ceiling...oh what GREAT rootbeer and kazoo fun!

Sending good wishes your way. I really like your work.