Thursday, March 27, 2008

polka dots make my feet happy

t.v. commericals are bad. They make you buy things that you may not necessarily need...but are still so dang cute! Look at these cute shoes I saw on tv the other nite and now they are happily a part of my shoe family..just had to have them!
And I went to Hobby Lobby the other nite - sadly, no new Love Elsie stuffs yet but the hubs saw this and declared that I needed, it is now a part of my scrappy family! Although, I don't know if it was such a good idea or not - b/c now hubs sees it all full of paper and about had a heart attack. :-)

Don't think much else is new..oh yeah! I bought myself a new cell phone with a bonus I got at work! Love it so much! I felt guilty for spending that much money on a phone - but, it does make me happy every time I pick up that pretty pink and silver thing!
Ok - off to watch some Criminal Minds..

...over & out.


Edleen said...

oh...your new shoes are so cool! and cute too :)

so nice of your hubs to get you that and cool new phone too!

have a great weekend!

Michelle said...

What a post full of happy shopping! That phone is so cute!

Kristina said...

Adore the phone, and the shoes - so cute! :)

micayla said...

OOOOh those shoes are yummo. I need some really comfy ones but with a heel, I walk like a plonker in flats!